What is HMA Pro VPN?

HMA Pro VPN is generally known as the client software offered by HideMyAss Pro VPN. For those who are not aware what VPN is. Basically VPN is Virtual Private Network, previously used by enterprise and government to protect their network communication with overseas or out-of-office worker. Recently internet user make use of personal VPN service to protect their communication when they are using public Wifi network, or bypass company restriction to access facebook or twitter, or even virtually relocate themselves to other country to unblock the country specific limitation, like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, etc.

The HMA Pro VPN software

The software come with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOs version. Basically you can install the software and connect to Hidemyass VPN server with a mouse click. HMA currently offers over 240+ servers in over 40+ countries. You could test the connection speed and locate the fastest server by country or map. Additionally you can create a schedule in the software to obtain a new IP every hour or every day. Traditionally making VPN connection require intensive setting and manual work by technical guy, the HMA Pro VPN software simplified all process and the configuration could be done by general user.

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Apart from the software HMA Pro VPN, you need to sign up an account with HideMyAss. The cost is about $7 per month for an annual contract. I find the package is very competitive comparing with other service, given that HMA provides over 240 VPN nodes at a flat price with unlimited bandwidth.

In the next few post, I will be writing how we use HMA Pro VPN to unblock websites that the value already pay off the $7 per month.

Once again if you want to discover HMA Pro VPN now, click here to learn more the potential usage of VPN.

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