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Your personal privacy is an important question when it comes to surfing the net. With the increasing number of scammers, identity theft and other criminals who could use your data for ill purposes, it is hard not to care about this question. As a result, there are so many great software products that can be used to keep these criminals at bay. One of them is HMA Pro VPN, which can be downloaded from hidemyass.com and installed onto any PC.hidemyass review

So today, in this hidemyass review I want to tell you more about this software, which does more than just protect your personal data whenever you are online.

HideMyAss actually performs two primary factions. First, it protects your data by enabling you to browse anonymously. Secondly, it enables you to access any website or blog, including those that deny you access just because you are not within a particular geographical region.

You will agree with me that this unjustified practice by some notorious websites and blogs out there can be very displeasing and infuriating to say the least. If the internet is open to all, regardless of one’s location, why then would some websites or blogs allow only a select group of internet users access based on geographical location? It beats logic doesn’t it?

Thanks to HideMyAss, you can easily access such websites and blogs despite their unjustified restrictions. What the software does is that it masks your IP address that those notorious sites and blogs use to lock you out. Instead, it assigns you a fake IP address of a geographical region whose residents are allowed access to the site or blog. That is how you get around the restrictions with HideMyAss.

What Are the Benefits of HideMyAss?

There is no doubt about the fact that this IP masking software is not like other software products out there. HideMyAss is the real deal if you need a VPN tool with quantifiable benefits. Some benefits of this piece of software include, but not limited to the following:

  1. Highly Effective

Honestly, there is not a single website or blog whose access restriction surpasses HideMyAss. As a writer, I have myself, used the software to gain access to a number of freelance writing websites that only allow access to writers within specific geographical locations that I am not in. Other software similar to it claim to help you access all websites with geographical restriction when in reality, they can only help you to get around a few. These usually employ basic restriction technologies, which can easily be bypassed.

hidemyass blocked content

  1. Highly Efficient

Unlike many software products to protect users online identities and enable them to access any website or blog with geographical restrictions, HideMyAss is quite efficient. When running on your PC, it will not slow down your machine or cause it to hang as is common with the rest. HideMyAss uses your system’s resources sparingly, going slow on its memory and other things. This makes sure that the machine does not slow down or hang.

  1. Easy To Use

If there is virtual private network software that is very easy to use, I think it would be none other than HideMyAss. The interface of this piece of software is so simple and straightforward that you do not need to go through the instructions for operating it beforehand. This is unlike many similar software products that I have used before. They all had very poor user interfaces, comprising of several complex features that I found to be too difficult to understand and manipulate.

  1. Price

HideMyAss actually performs better than many expensive VPN software out there do. In general, it offers more benefits than do several similar software, claiming to be the most sophisticated ones on the market. Despite this, it remains to be one of the cheapest tools for browsing anonymously online. The company offers the most competitive price plans, which are $11.99, $7.99 and $5.99. These are for monthly, half-yearly and yearly subscriptions respectively.

hidemyass pricing

Final Thoughts

HideMyAss is a reliable tool to use if you would like to protect your online identity and be able to access any website or blog on the internet. It is effective, efficient, easy-to-use and affordable. This is a list of benefits you hardly get from many VPN software similar to this. Try it out for yourself today.


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  • Easy to use software for all devices
  • Easy to use software
  • Multiple protocol options


  • No free trial
  • VPN Logs

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